Over 20 years of workforce management
experience with proven techniques.

Managing Work and life "like a boss"

Workshops for Professional and Personal Development

Tammy offers her expertise teaching individuals, couples, parents, families, and groups how to apply the same business tools and strategies for increasing their overall success in every aspect of their lives. 

Tammy’s goal is making everyone’s  life easier any way she can.   Success is based on the mindset of  thinking like a leader in every aspect of your life.


· Workforce  Management Program for Leaders

· Managing Difficult Interpersonal Interactions 

· Managing the Differing Generational Perspectives

· Leadership Approaches for Behavioral Styles

· Adapting to and Implementing Change

· Self-Disciplined Time Management: Not Enough Time or Are You Getting in Your Own Way?

· Restoring Peace and Passion in the Workplace

Coaching and Team Effectiveness

Accelerates a group's performance through training and coaching leaders.  Works with the leader and group using a three- part series for Maximizing a Team’s Core Potential.” Leaders learn to manage the behavioral aspects of staff and increase the team’s cohesiveness, accountability, and collaboration for goal attainment.  

All tools and strategies are applicable for your professional and personal success.  Contact me via email to learn more about what that means and  inquire about setting up a workshop for yourself,  personal group, OR a group at your place of work .  You can also complete the “Learn More” section on the home page.